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We are Team Neurosmart, a neuroscientist (PhD), data scientist (PhD) and a finance professional (MBA) from Stanford University building a biofeedback-based stress management wearable system for law enforcement officers. Our technology monitors emotional and cognitive stress during scenario based training sessions and maps the officer’s stress prior, during and after critical decisions in the scenario, allowing the officers and their trainers to improve in self awareness and de-escalation skills.
Our team has come together as part of the Hacking for Defense course at Stanford University where we conducted over one hundred customer discovery interviews to refine our product market fit Our technology is based on decades long neuroscience and machine learning research conducted by our team. We have been awarded a SBIR Phase 1 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to launch a pilot program with agencies around the country. The goal of our pilot program is to test our lab-proven technology in a real world police officer training setting while providing agencies a test-run of our technology, which allows them to monitor optimal or suboptimal levels of officer stress.

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