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Train your mind to respond optimally under stress

A wearable technology that trains self awareness and self-regulation for optimal performance


"Performance optimization is a complex process, and it never ends. Understanding one's reaction to stress/pressure from a physiological perspective is an insight that was not available just a few years ago. NeuroSmart should be on every police leader's radar. I would be beating down their door to get my hands on this for my training division. Technology like this makes me want to suit back up!"

Patrick Flannelly. Retired Chief of Police Lafayette Police Department, IN 

"I believe your technology will take our training to the next level."

F/Lt. Organizational Development Division.  Michigan State Police.  

"Is it an emotion issue or a knowledge issue? I don't have a definitive way of determining that. This is the type of technology that will help us guide our training."

Deputy Director of Training.  Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy   

Retired Deputy Chief of Police 

"The world is demanding law enforcement for a higher level of consciousness."

"We will finally have a way of telling what is flipping these guys out and leading them to bad decisions."

Training Sgt. at Mountain View Police Department

Army Soldiers

Intervene in training for a more confident and competent workforce. 



Hire with confidence using objective data.

Parallel Lines
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