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What do Neurosmart users have to say about our tech?

“I was able to gain insight on what caused stress, how long the stress lingered, and then was able to use some of the tools in the device to bring the stress back down fairly quickly.”

-Sgt. Chet Schneider, Napa County Sheriff’s Dept

“[Neurosmart] is giving us the ability to give our officers feedback based on how they did, not just from a performance observation standpoint, but also a quantitative analysis regarding their stress levels.”

-Cst. Alex Odintsov, Abbotsford Police Department

“Anybody out there that has the task of developing law enforcement curriculum and training methods, it’s well worth your time to dive into what Dr. Balban and her team are doing, to see how it can benefit you”

-Jesse Curtis, Deputy Director Wyoming Law

Enforcement Academy

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